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Hi! My name is Jessica Strickland, Owner of JC Rosewood, LLC. I am so happy you are here and I can't wait to get to know your story.

Here's a little of mine:
Degree in Art and Wine, livin' life in my super small town (only double my high school graduating class!) and doing my best to navigate this wild, wonderful world. Blessed to be a boy mom and have a fantastic husband with two cuddly pups in tow. I love living in North Georgia and so close to nature. I am always down to travel and love to experience new cultures but at the end of the day, I love being home. Although, we hope to call Alaska home one day :) I spent a summer working on a yacht there and fell IN LOVE. My friends would describe me as the most outgoing introvert they know and I can't get enough of those "life" conversations. Give me a couple glasses of wine and you've made a friend for life! 

I spent 5 years as an event planner but when the pandemic hit - and well... unfortunately (or IMO fortunately) my job was a casualty. Me, being someone who likes to switch it up a bit and challenge myself, I looked to something I had always wanted to learn more about - Photography. I took film photography in school and my memory boxes (from the early 2000's) are filled with photos that I saved.

If you looked in those boxes you would find photos of everything but the ones I love most are human expression. Faces of people I  knew, loved, and gave hours upon hours of my life to. THAT is why I love photography. I'm a sap, I know it - but in 50 years if we are all so lucky to make it that far, you'll have these images to look back. Images of your loved ones frozen in time on the happiest days of your life. What could be better to pass down for generations. Just knowing that I can provide that and my mark will be seen for years to come - gimme all of that good feeling!

So yeah, that's me in a nutshell! Can't wait to hear all about you and your vision!   



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